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MPS 350 Х


MPS 350 X

MPS 350 X is galvanized attenuator for a truck, which can be used in stationary or moving support vehicle, type “shadow”. This compact attenuator for a truck has passed all mandatory and optional tests, and is NCHRP, Report 350, Test level 3 compliant. It also meets the UK requirements for Lorry Mounted Crash Cushion at the highest velocity level of 110 km/h (TD 49/07).
The full set contains of steel galvanized components, which allows easy inspection and maintenance.
MPS 350 X helps to absorb rear-end impact at speed up to 62mph (100km/h), when impacted according to NCHRP Report 350 crash test standards


  • The compact design allows easy transportation and positioning.
  • Swivel casters and jacks, provide easy mobility.
  • The open-frame design allows for easy maintenance, with view and access to all parts.
  • The replaceable breaks are easy for maintenance.
  • Spread of debris area on impact, according the criteria of NCHRP Report 350.

Completely galvanized steel


  • Completely galvanized system. Available with black and yellow powder coating marking.
  • The open frame design, allows easy inspection and better wind resistance.
  • The coating of Durashell Strike Plate is made of super strong plastic, which provides the necessary coverage in case of impact.
  • It has improved raising system and motor controller in the control cabin.
  • Warning siren alarms the team, when the system is not fully raised or in upright position:


  • 14` (4.3 m) Operation position Hight
  • 12`5“(3.78 m) Raised Hight
  • 69“(1.76 m) Width
  • 1,680 lbs.(762 kg) Weight


  1. Winch and strap
  2. Swivel casters and jacks
  3. Durashell® Strike plate
  4. Latch bar
  5. Energy absorbing rip plates
  6. FMVSS 108 Lighting package


* Construction product shall be accompanied by a declaration of performance in accordance with REGULATION (EU) № 305/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 09.03.2011.

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