ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
BS OHSAS 18001:2007



TREND CEN DS End terminal is a double-sided, energy-absorbing steel post terminal. While the TREND CEN DS is intendet primarily for use with double sided W-beam barriers, special transitions will allow for us with varios other barriers.
During a  head-on impact, longitudinal forces yield the system postes. The energy of an impacting vehicle is absorbed by friction between the panels and deformation of the rail sections as they slide rearward over the shaper fins on the adjoining panels.
During a  side impact, according ENV  1317-4, along the TREND CEN DS, the yielding posts laterally support the rail section so that the impacting vehicile is smoothly redirected.


  • Energy absorbing terminal for W- shape barrier
  • Available systems: for 110km/h /P4/ and for 80km/h /P2
  • Fully tested according all criteria of ENV 1317-4
  • Option for pilling and cementing
  • Working zone less than 1m
  • Easy for transportation and installation
  • Working width of the barrier – level D1.1. /constant side displacement ≤ 1м/
  • Certificate of conformity issued by EU qualified organization
  • The complete metal structure is hot dip galvanized
  • Different options for anchoring the posts


P4 /5-post System for 110km/h/ 8,42m
Р2 /3-post System for 80km/h/ 4,42m

Post spacing: 2,0м

P4 /5-post System / 375kg
Р2 /3-post System / 230kg

  1. Head Assembly
  2. Post
  3. Rail Spacer
  4. TREND Rail
  5. Cabel Strut


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