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Vorteq is attenuator for a truck, which can be used in stationary or moving support vehicle, with minimum weight if 10 000 lbs /4 518kg/. The truck attenuator has passed all mandatory and optional tests, and is NCHRP, Report 350, Test level 3 compliant. It also meets the UK requirements for Lorry Mounted Crash Cushion at the highest velocity level of 110 km/h (TD 49/07). The trailer unit is comprised of a light-weight tube-in-tube frame with wheel/axle assembly.
Vorteq helps to absorb rear-end impact at speed up to 62mph (100km/h).

  •  Anti-rotation system
  •  Construction which facilitates quick and easy inspection and maintenance
  •  Minimum spread of debris
  • ·Possibility for installation of signs board
Installation and maintenance:
  • Easy for installation and deinstallation
  •  Can be installed to almost all type of vehicles with tongue assembly up to 20mt, and 7 pins light connection switch
  • Open design for easy inspection of the key components
  • The wheels and the axle are designed to remain attaches and to continue functioning after impact, according the requirements of NCHRP, Report 350, therefore the damaged trailer can be moved.

  • Length 22’11,75‘‘ /7,00m/
  • Width 93‘‘ /236m/
  • Hight 2‘44‘‘ /70,6m/
  • Weight of the tongue assembly 300lbs /136kg/
  • Weight of the trailer 1 334lbs /605kg/
  • Minimum weight of the support vehicle 10 000Ibs /4 518kg/.
  1. Impact head
  2. Wheel / Axle assembly
  3. Tube-in-tube frame rails
  4. X-brace
  5. Tongue assembly