Barrier VEVA 3

VEVA 3-1
VEVA 3-2
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The VEVA 3 marks a new generation of version of the VEVA concept.   The innovation list in a buffer element developed in-house   entirely by Jansen Vennebor, and mounted on the foremost section   of the wing. VEVA 3 system developed by Jansen Veenboer comes from Jupiter 05 LTD.

Should a car collide with the front of the wing, the buffer element absorbs   the force of the collision, keeping damage and injury to a minimum.   The VEVA 3 has passed   TNO (the Netherlands Organization for Applied   Scientific Research   TNO) crash tests with flying  colours.

The VEVA 3 shares the same modular composition    of the VEVA system.  With elements of a maximum   of 6 metres, the total length of the system can vary to a maximum   of 120 metres per passage.  When closed, the VEVA 3 creates a continuous    fixed central crash barrier.

VEVA 3: Tenicale specification
Plate thickness: 5mm
Material: Steel  S235JR
Protective finish: Internal / external: thermal zinc-plated
Internal: 200 µm coating
Rises: approx. 60 seconds
Release: approx. 20 seconds
In place: approx.  60 seconds
(Driving) speed: approx.  4.4 m/min.
(Driving) engines: approx.  1.5 kW
Compressor unit: approx.. 10 kW
Element without engine: approx. 2000 kg
Element with engine: approx. 2400kg
pressure (retracted):        approx. 60 N / cm2
Maximum slope in combination cross-/lengthways   approx. 10%
Maximum opening angle 20 °